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You are about to experience a state of the art procedure for retraining inappropriate Substance Specific Stress Responses and restoring optimal health, naturally.

The First Visit

Prior to your first visit you will complete a detailed case history questionnaire. This will help the doctor better understand your health concerns, and make your treatment ultimately more successful. The doctor will ask you questions about how, when, where, what, and why your health changed.

System Balance

Your brain and nerve system need to be treated for system balance to prepare it for testing and/or Substance Specific Stress Reduction therapy. You will be seated comfortably with shoes and socks off. The doctor will set the light therapy for treatment and shine the laser wand over your head and down your back, then on points on the ears, hands and feet. The treatment is painless and only takes a few minutes.

Testing and Treatment

Depending on your case history and the severity and type of your symptoms, you may be tested with feedback clips or gel strips placed on your middle fingers.

This allows the equipment to analyze and record significant stress responses to thousands of digitized substances the brain believes are actually present, without actually causing an inappropriate response.

Treatments are determined by the positive findings, substances you know to have caused problems, and other health stresses you may have. Individual items, or groups of items are retrained by Substance Specific Stress Reduction each visit using the laser the same way as in system balance. Over time, the number of burdens troubling your system are decreased. This makes your Autonomic Nervous system’s reaction to individual items unnecessary. Often, something will get better, even before you were actually treated for it.

The number of visits you may need are only limited by the severity, and longevity of your conditions, and your desire for your body to function optimally.

After Treatment

There are certain things necessary to do, or avoid after a treatment, to allow your body the best chance to respond. The doctor will give you a list of recommendations. Occasionally, you may experience mild symptoms, sometimes similar to your actual problem. This may actually be sign that the frequency used was exactly right. Other times you may feel like you need to rest for a few hours.

The best advice is to listen to your body, and follow the recommendation given to you. Go home and relax and avoid doing anything that would negate or cancel the positive conditioning effect of the treatment. Give your body time to utilize the energy provided and begin the healing process.

Your results are determined by teamwork between you and the doctor!


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