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Instrument Adjusting




Our office utilizes the latest and most advanced equipment to administer adjustments to Misaligned or Fixated (Stuck in place) Vertebrae of the Spine, the Pelvis, and all of the Bones of the Extremities including the Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Wrist, TMJ, Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot and mobilize the joints.  This relieves irritation to the nerves, joint capsules, tendons, and ligaments, and increases pain free ranges of motion. 

Instrument adjusting  is very gentle, accurate, safe, and effective.  It eliminates the need for twisting the spine, or joints, that is often accompanied by a noise called a cavitation, or "pop" when the bone moves.  While this is generally very safe as well, many people are more comfortable with instrument adjusting.

Watch the video clip below to see an example of Instrument Adjusting with the Arthrostim Instrument.


Please explore the other pages in the Gentle Instrument Adjusting Tab that describe and explain how Instrument Adjusting can help you! 

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